RevitX, LLC.


RevitX, LLC. founder Joseph Fontana built the foundation of the earliest RevX in 2013.  However, the digital design principles were developed over two decades and have evolved into an elegant solution that produces the most valuable commodity… Time. 

RevX is an idea developed to reduce liability through clash coordination, create precise documentation and
execute BIM production in 1/10th the time
of standard BIM protocols.

What is a RevXproject template?

RevX is actually… not a template at all.  It is a project RVT file that has been developed through identifying the maximum scope of requirements
for client and DOB deliverables.

RevX is a project… developed to 93% completion
of logistics by identifying and documenting
redundant startup BIM requirements.

More specifically… RevX is a project facilitating command and control of 820 sheets,
69 RSVP (Revit Synchronized Viewport) dwg files,
75 view templates, etc.



Why RevX?

90% of a RevX project that is not needed… can be deleted…
in 1/100th of the time it takes to create the needed 10%… from scratch.

RevX generates quantifiable profit that grows exponentially in time over the life of a project
and multiplies by the projects produced annually throughout the life of a firm.

RevX offers the options of developing 2D production 100% in Revit via 345 synchronized drafting boundaries, or 100% in AutoCAD via 69 synchronized viewport dwg files.

Why not just use a Revit template?

In short, Time.  You either waste yours or pay someone to waste theirs.

In detail… please request the RevX-BIM-Ops – MEP  RXhP – H3O©  Presentation.ppsx.

RevX incorporates a methodology designed to eliminate clash coordination issues of MEP systems.  The hierarchical order of operations (H3O) was designed to eliminate redundancy of BIM development.  This partnership ensures the mathematical certainty that time saved with RevX, used in conjunction with the H3O will guarantee BIM technicians achieve the required client deliverables
in the shortest time possible.

How much control is built into RevX?  What does that control mean?

  • 1.5 million lines of code control a F-22 Raptor fighter jet.
  • 3.5 million lines fly a US military drone.
  • 5.2 million lines navigate the Mars Curiosity Rover. 
  • 8.6 million executed commands to build RevX™ and establish control over procedural protocols.

That control determines the predictable results produced by RevX.

For the complete scope of capabilities…

please request the RevX-BIM-Ops – MEP  RXhP – H3O©Presentation.ppsx.