Revit’s Nested Family Symbols & Parameter Protocols

Slab Depression Symbols Master


Visibility Free Parameters


The entire Family of nested Families was created without using the “Visibility” parameters pertaining to symbol selection.  Further evaluation of the methodology executed is promising for future developmental protocols when building nested Families within Revit.  I believe this technique will increase the efficiency and enhance protocol for future Revit Family creation.

Typically, nested Family creation is nothing more than an exchange of static vectors with no variables or adjustable parameters unless visibility parameters are used.   A direct analogy would be the contrast between CISC and RISC architecture; RISC being the preferred code due to its efficiency.

In conclusion, the methodology executed in this family of nested Families eliminates the need for cumbersome visibility parameters.  This Family accomplishes the same graphic representation as a
non-nested equivalent and reduces the need to change symbols by 70%.  The seven symbols elegantly exchange and are T.O.S, E.O.S. and B.O.S. Intelligent.