Revit Architectural Design & Construction Documentation 2013 Presentation



The Revit presentation’s primary objective is to simulate a design proposal between the client and their designer.  All views were generated directly from the model and were intentionally placed on the sheets untouched as general schematic design intent with few exceptions to satisfy the client’s timeline requirements of the deliverables.

The addition of schedules and all other unnecessary cd elements, (i.e., door, window and wall tags, etc.), not typically shown to a client, were incorporated to demonstrate command and control of Revit 2013; therefore, the 60 page PDF is a partial documentation only.

The secondary objective was to adapt preliminary designs of a 59,372 sq. ft. building to an 11″ x 17″ sheet for the sole purpose of demonstrating the software’s flexibility.


Launch link below… press “Control L” for full screen viewing.

Revit 2013 PDF Presentation